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Safe Guard Your Home - CaluTech HVAC UV Whole House Air Purifiers

Calutech HVAC UV whole house air purifiers are MADE IN THE U S A . Manufactured under the strict ISO 13485:2003 and the United States Code of Federal Regulations for medical devices.  Calutech's manufacturing, quality control, complaint resolution and more is monitored by the FDA through audits. Calutech is registered with the U.S. Department of Health as a medical device manufacturer of UV air purifiers. Calutech Whole House Furnace UV Air Purifiers / Sterilizers / Cleaners are not just for allergies.

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Which HVAC UV  Whole House Air  Purifier:

UV is known to be a sterilizer and destroy many virus types, mold, and bacteria. If you suffer from asthma or allergies you should consider Calutech germicidal air Purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners UV system methods. If you have a newer home you need Calutech Whole House Furnace UV Air Sterilizer. New homes are built air tight.  Calutech Original Blue HVAC UV Air Cleaner, our top unit which also has the option of our EXCLUSIVE SnapCat w/ OxyCat V2 Photocatalytic Technology, Calutech Air Purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners produce UVGI - ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. The powerful ultraviolet air Purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners and systems by CaluTech help indoor air quality. Clean air and reduce indoor air pollution. Enough UV for 10,000 square feet.

HVAC UV whole house air purifier

Ultraviolet purification was in existence before World War II but very little was ever known by the general public. In virtually every water treatment plant exists UV light for purification of water and today air purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners utilizing ultraviolet light have become readily available. UV is very effective in destroying bacteria when it comes to indoor air purification, but the problem is effectiveness. Although UV can destroy bacteria in the air, it was found to be effective only when the air stood still. Passing air did not receive enough exposure time to the ultraviolet light to have much effect on the destruction of bacteria, mold, and virus DNA. Many had the idea of using stand alone in room air cleaners to filter the air, but these air cleaners only filter the air they "catch" with their intake fans which doesn't seem very effective when you consider the entire area of a room with air circulating throughout the structure from room to room on a constant basis, especially when the ventilation ducts were running. So how do you purify the indoor air when the air moves rapidly on an almost constant basis?
This is achieved by creating more UV microwatts for disinfection than necessary, enabling the air Purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners to destroy an average 98% of a bacteria DNA while the indoor air is in motion. It is known to be as much as 99.9% effective. CaluTech took notice of bacterial destruction through passing air when running 24,000+ microwatts of UV energy and found through the successful depletion of the air pathogens. Lowering the amount of UV microwatts showed an enormous reduction in effectiveness. Because Calutech Whole House units over compensates for the amount of UV energy needed to destroy bacteria in still air Calutech Furnace UV units have proven very effective in bacterial DNA destruction for passing air. With this in mind, the Calutech unit has been designed solely for use in a ventilation duct, allowing purification of the entire home or office.

It is a known fact that people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, and the Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air pollutant levels may be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. The EPA has also identified indoor air quality to be one of the five largest environmental risks to public health.

Calutech HVAC UV whole house air purifiers are known to destroy bacteria and molds. The CaluTech HVAC UV whole house air purifiers DO NOT PRODUCE OZONE, CaluTech uses UV-C @ 253.7 nm which produces NO OZONE! (ONLY UV below 240 nm produces Ozone) per the Navy Environmental Health Center! (Click and Read Document)  but constantly emits UV energy with an extreme amount of UV microwattage for passing air. An air conditioner's cooling coils are known to be breeding grounds for airborne pathogens, and the CaluTech Blue Furnace UV Air Purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners can destroy these pathogens. Tests are performed to insure top notch quality.

HVAC UV whole house air purifiers from Calutech also have the option to incorporate photocatalysis (Photocatalytic) technology via CaluTech OxyCat Photocatalytic Oxidation to attack odors and voc's making them complete germicidal and odor controllers.

From air purification in homes and offices to mobile medical vans and hospitals, Calutech has taken the industry of air purification by storm. Meet the leader in air quality - Calutech . For FULL Specifications and Calutech Product ordering click one of the following:

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UV Germicidal Ultraviolet Air Purifiers Air Cleaners - Whole House Germicidal UV Light - UVGI - 253.7nm

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